R2H Engineers have over 150 years of combined experience in the design of a variety of architectural structures, utilizing all types of construction materials. We have been involved with architectural projects that range in size from small tilt-up buildings to an expansion of Terminal 'D' at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our staff has designed projects using different kinds of materials; this allows our engineers to assist in selection of the most economical building system for a particular type of structure. In addition, our work in high seismic regions provides insight into good detailing practices, which are carried over into our designs in lower seismic areas.

Our engineers are personally involved in research and code development through broad participation in professional society technical committees, such as the Applied Technical Committee and the Seismology Committee. As a result, we have made significant contributions toward seismic design, existing facility augmentation, materials and construction process criteria through the governing design codes.


R2H's Transportation division has over 100 years of combined experience in the design of transportation structures. As a firm specializing in structural engineering, we have performed bridge design services under a variety of contractual relationships. These include roles as the prime contractor when bridge design services dominate the project scope and as a sub consultant on larger roadway projects, which also include bridge structures. These structures have ranged from small single cell box culverts to $60 million freeway interchange rehabilitation and upgrades, which include bridge widening's, sound walls, and retaining walls.

Water Wastewater

R2H Engineers have over 80 years of combined experience in the design of water/wastewater structures. Our water related structures have ranged from overflow vaults to full structural support for new wastewater treatment facilities.

Along with new design, we have also been involved with the retrofit and rehabilitation of these same structures. We possess the unique experience of having provided both architectural and structural design on many of our water/wastewater facilities. This knowledge gives our technical staff the capability to thoroughly understand the project and enables us to have open and clear lines of communications with the other consultants.